Case Studies

When Cook Land Company is  presented with a real estate challenge we come up with solutions.  Here are some opportunities presented by our customers and the solutions we've come up with.  Additional information on financial models is also available.  We look forward to helping you through your real estate challenges. Contact us today!

1.Land shape a  challenge for development

2.Tenant is out of space and needs a new building

3.Request for a customized, multi-tenant building

4.Tenant needs additional yard space

5. Company needs a newly constructed building on a short timeline

6. Need for room to grow in the future.

7. Tenant wants an opportunity to purchase the building after 10 years

8. Construction company tenant to customize their own office

9. Sale of a large land parcel with current residence

10. Short-term space needed

11.Tenant out of space on leased building


Challenge #1

The creation of a business park on long and narrow strip comprised of small parcels and no emergency access.

Solution: Cook Land Company purchased existing parcels and buildings located on the back end of the property and dedicated land to the City for access to another public street 

Challenge #2

The building owner was out of space and needed to expand from 5,000 to 10,000 SF office and warehouse.

Solution: Cook Land Company purchased their smaller space through a 1031 trade so their funds could be used to build a larger space

Challenge #3

A variety of local companies wanted highly-appealing, visible retail space complete with offices, show rooms, conference rooms, warehouse space and a fenced yard.

Solution: Cook Land Company designed and built a very appealing, multi-tenant building accommodating all the tenants requests and providing spaces from 1,700 to 5,100 SF.

Challenge #4

An established local company needed additional yard space 10 months after moving in to a 10,000 SF headquarters building.

Solution: Cook Land Company purchased the two adjoining parcels and integrated them with the existing parcel and building.  As an added benefit, this also provided enhanced truck circulation allowing their vehicles to drive from one public street and out on another.

Challenge #5

A fortune 500 company needed to lease and move into a 10,000 SF building with 10 offices, labs, warehouse, fenced yard and a truck-turn around area within 90 days of the first meeting.  This was a quick timeline and included negotiating the contract, acquiring the land, drawing plans, plan approval, and construction including all tenant improvements and landscaping.

Solution: Cook Land Company purchased the property and committed to buying materials for the building even before having a signed contract from the tenant.  The City agreed to fast track the project and employed design-build concepts. The turn-key project was delivered on time and to the specifications agreed to with the client.  

Challenge #6

A client wanted Cook Land Company to provide a 10,000 SF building on the condition they would have room to expand as their business grew.  The client was unwilling to pay for the required additional expansion land.

Solution: Cook Land Company purchased additional adjoining land at its' own expense thereby allowing the tenant to have expansions space when they were ready. 

Challenge #7

A client wanted to lease a 10,000 SF building with an option to purchase it after 10 years because of their investment in specialized equipment and infrastructure.

Solution: Cook Land Company agreed to provide an option provision in the lease so the tenant can purchase the building at the end of 10 years. 

Challenge #8

A construction company wanted to lease a 5,000 SF building with a 2,500 SF office built to their own specifications.

Solution: Cook Land Company negotiated a "Reverse Build-to-suite" with the tenant that allowed the construction company to build the offices with funds provided by Cook Land Company which were amortized over the term of the lease.

Challenge #9

A client wanted to sell a large parcel of land, which included their residence, and wanted to continue living there.

Solution: Cook Land Company purchased the property, but gave the seller a life estate to live on the property.

Challenge #10

A large construction company needed space to conduct a short-term inventory of their construction equipment.

Solution: Cook Land Company leased them a 5,000 SF warehouse for three months with a one-month option in order for them to complete their inventory project. 

Challenge #11

A tenant of the Cook Land Company needed more space than was currently available in their leased building.

Solution: Cook Land Company developed a larger building for them, and terminated their lease on the smaller space